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What do you mean, believe in?  We are aware that they currently exist and impact our lives.  
As anarchist we are against the concept of property.  We say that "Property is Theft."  Anarchist define property as something that you prevent other people from using.  The vast majority of 'property' in the world is never used by it's 'owner.'  This includes landlords who own thousands of apartments, "farmers" who own tens of thousands of acres, or corporations who own factories all over the world.

The US reverence of property is a fairly recent thing.  In the early 1800's in Europe there were laws saying that if one person had a tool they were not using, anyone else could take it for use and return it when they were done.
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did you build the apartment buildings? did you pay to have them built?
I disagree -- property rights are an extension of a man's labor and domain of responsibility (no different than his body and conduct), wherin he is able to provision for his life, and any dependents.  This is the domain of his "law fo the land", a king unto himself.

Proponents of the "anarchists are against the concept of property" have no foundations other than plundering the labor of others and are in service to those that seek to destroy the concept of freedom.  There is no freedom without the highest degrees of personal responsibility, and that begins and ends with landownership - not rampaging gangs with ad hoc rules, which is no freedom at all, and just a big senseless diversion.

Property rights have been around as long as mankind, contrary to this reply.  Every king, world over, "owned" his land, every tribe "owned" land/hunting grounds/living space.  The only thing different about the USA is they overthrew the king, whereafter, sovereignty descended upon each and every landowner, only later to have ungrateful immigrants seeking "jobs" from "industrialists" return the USA into a defacto rulership by democracy out of their utter state of dependency.