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Is it true that we hit what we aim for?  Anarchy offers both the lowest form and the greatest potential for humanity because it allows us to choose our destiny; collapse or ascent.
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I'll interpret your question to mean "is it a good idea for anarchy to offer a vision of hope?" because I think the obvious answer to the literal wording of your question is "yes", because, we can offer anything we want to.  I think the best kinds of anarchism/anarchists are those who dont make promises about the future, and therefore do not get stuck in the deadfalls of so many anarchists tied to the leftist tradition.  I think it would be ridiculous to say we all dont have our individual fantasies about what being free would look like, and i think equally absurd to deny that we've had moments, however brief, in our lives where we felt free.  But to promise that if we follow our scientifically devised strategy to the great world of tomorrow where all is free and happy and nothing bad ever happens, then I think we are making a huge mistake, one because I dont think that a scenario like that is even possible, and second because its quite presumptuous that anyone has anything more than musings about what will bring freedom.  I dont really see anarchy as "choosing a destiny" or let me rephrase that as "progress towards utopia" but rather anarchism is a constant tension with coercion and domination, and the attempt to destroy the possibilities for authoritarianism to take place, and the opening up of all other options that dont fall into that category.  I'm rambling now, but maybe ill come back to this soon
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