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Let's assume it's not something completely necessary for survival, but was being used consistently, so...a small wind turbine for electricity or something. Would an anarchist seek out the culprit? Would an anarchist take it back if they found the culprit? Would an anarchist just buy or steal another one? What if the turbine was stolen in the first place?

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whether it was stolen in the first place or not seems irrelevant to me. there is no morality about the question, the issue is how much the thing is needed (or desired), how difficult it would be to replace, and what the relationship is with the person who took it (stranger, neighbor, friend, relative).

for example, i can imagine that even if i didn't need the turbine that much, if i thought that my neighbor took it and had taken other things from me, then i would want to deal with that pattern of behavior at some point, and might decide that this was the time to do it. but that might mean sharing the turbine, taking it back, giving it to them but talking to them about asking next time, beating them up, and/or mocking them in front of other neighbors...
access (to neighbors) gives us more options, obviously.

if i really needed it and/or it was hard or impossible to replace, then obviously i would try to get it back from whoever, and then if i discovered who had taken it, maybe i would reconsider, depending on how much i thought *they* needed it.

it would also depend on how pissy i was feeling that day.
you know, kind of how it works now. :)
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