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Assuming you posted this in good faith, I answered this one rather thoroughly in the question "How can I, as an anarchist, be an effective "leader" (in a non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian sense)?" http://anarchy101.org/1463/anarchist-effective-non-hierarchical-anti-authoritarian
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They cant, I beleive that if anarchy was to take place all would be equal, there would be no leader, you may be a person many look up to but there would be no one person being incharge of another.
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Well, there is the question of whether equality is an anarchist principle: http://anarchy101.org/598/what-do-anarchists-mean-by-equality

The distinction you are making is one that other anarchists have pointed out previously. We may reject formal hierarchies (and in this sense perceive ourselves as "equal"), but there are instances of certain individuals possessing more influence than others (whether deserved or not). This is an issue that can devolve into semantics. Are the influential anarchists "leaders"? How we might label our social roles and interactions are not as important in my estimation as being aware and critical of how we interact.
I like your comment, very intuitive. Do you think someone looked up to for answers would be a “leader” in anarchy?
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