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What are your thoughts about cancel culture?

I find it amusing that the people that are all about "concelling" someone for a mistake or wrong think slightly amusing. Mostly because the people that are all about it seem oblivious that it will be used against them. Overall, it seems pretty authoritarian to me.
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I think it's important for us to have discussions about these types of things, as "cancel culture" is this nebulous term that dictates a lot of the discussions on line.

I did some research on this about a month ago, just trying to figure out what the heck cancel culture even means.

Basically: cancel culture basically means "online shaming and ostracism" in reaction to some post that someone made. The term is usually associated with left-leaning people who habitually criticize "racism".

I don't think cancel culture really exists in a serious sense, as suppression of speech has been a part of human societies for a while now. Comedians, culture critics (such as JK Rowling) and other types of celebrities have exploited this for profit: painting themselves as victims of an angry and intolerant mob.

I'm not trying to belittle the pain of people who've been hurt by the internet and its emotional vampires, but I think we should be keep a weary eye towards people who make claims of victimization, because claiming to be a victim can give someone great amounts of power and authority.
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I wasn't meaning "cancel culture" in regards to celebrities, comedians and other public profile people. I was meaning when it's done to the plebs for innocuous reasons. Perhaps I should've been more clear in my question. I was investigating "cancel culture" on & off too to to figure out what it was. I asked someone on facebook that mentioned "cancel culture" to be more specific about what it is, and they told me it has something do with people needing to shut up and listen, and suggested I read White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. I tried to read it all the way through, but I couldn't. I realized the book was basically a 180 page Kafka trap (if a person denies being x then that is proof they're x since someone who is x would deny being x). I thought the book might have been a parody, but apparently it isn't. Regardless, the book was unhelpful.

Anyways, in my investigating, I began noticing "cancel culture" was also being used towards randos and getting them fired from their jobs, kicked out of school, endlessly harassed, and/or silenced over mundane stuff. The "cancelers" try to make it seem like they're challenging the system and only focused on the powerful, the rich elites or celebrities. The media seems to help reinforce that notion too. But they're "cancelling" randos for wrong think, wrong gestures, making a mistake, or saying something dumb years ago. They're like policing random people for the state and it appears to me that they're practically begging the state to enforce their ideas, which won't go the way they hope.

I read one article about this Chicano guy that was sitting at a traffic light and one of his hands made the OK gesture. Someone took a picture of him, doxxed and harassed the guy, and got him fired from his job for white supremacy. Apparently, the OK hand gesture means white power now. I'm baffled as to how OK hand symbol turned into meaning white power? I read a few articles where it appeared the newspapers were just bullying high school kids for saying something dumb. Right-wingers engage in this behavior. They seem to mostly target women and getting them fired from their jobs for crap like having an porn account. The social media mobs/circle jerks play a massive role in it. I've read a few instances where they turn on each other and like an internet purge happens.

With the JK Rowling thing, the plebs that share her gender critical feminist views are harassed or doxxed, and the "cancelers" attempt to get them fired from their jobs for expressing ideas other people don't share.

On social media, there appears to be great value in being a victim and there are people that are victims of bad stuff, but there's also people claiming victimhood that'll use that identity/status to manipulate or because it gives them power, like you said.

I've read "cancel culture" is about challenging systematic racism, white supremacy, misogyny/patriarchy... but for the life of me, I can't figure out how it does that. It does seem to me like it's either encouraging or reinforcing racism, white supremacy, misogyny, patriarchy...etc. It also comes off as it's done to make the "cancelers" feel important. Just curious on others thoughts.

In the beginning the universe and internet was created. This had made many people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. ;)

It's very stressful to get shamed and ostracized, and i feel like the whole George Floyd thing gave all these leftists an excuse to further weaponize their self-righteous behavior, the only point i was trying to make is that shaming and ostracism are often an unfortunate part of being a human. I try really hard not to do it to other people unless they are doing it to me, as i've been picked on a lot for being different.

DiAngelo's "white fragility" is just a spook and a strawman as you've pointed out. It somehow implies that being white and being fragile are somehow interconnected, but in the end all people are pretty fragile and reactive depending on their experiences and moods. Robin DiAngelo is just a very privileged sociologist who's making money off of white people's insecurities, lol.

Thanks for telling me about the Kafka trap, i'm a pretty big fan of Kafka and i didn't know about this. Do you know which of works this idea is based on? People have such active imaginations...

EDIT: https://debate.fandom.com/wiki/Kafka_Trap

It's derived from his book The Trial.  You can get it from here if you don't wanna purchase it. The coining of the term is pretty recent from what I understand. I think there may be "proper" names for the fallacies used, but I don't know what they're called. It's easier to just refer to it as a Kafkatrap. Robin DiAngelo is some sort of corporate HR person that makes a lot of money from motivation speeches to corporations on how to be less racist. There's another similar book called How To Be an Anti-Racist by Ibrain X Kendi, that I assume is meant to be the "campainion book" to white fragility. Ibrain X Kendi contends that every decision made is either racist or anti-racist, apparently. He loves the Kafkatrap too and has many different definitions of racist.  Both books really loves to use the word "Latinx." How is Latinx even pronounced? I would think adding X to words in Spanish in the place of A, E and O would turn Spanish into being entirely incomprehensible to anyone that speaks Spanish, but doesn't speak English also.

It's unclear to me why white liberal folk think these books are master treatises on racism. Those books are like those Jordan Peterson books, but without lobsters.

Lol, to me Jordan Peterson is basically a poetic nazi...

I thought the "how to be anti racist" book description was maybe describing the complexities of racism, but I still dont understand how racism is worse than other types of prejudices, for the same reason why I dont understand why the left is any better than the right. I agree with the left on more things, but I've found that those who veer to left are just as likely to behave in a fashy manner...

hey I read this book on not being a racist, and now I have been saved! Thank you soooooo much! Now I can teach others to purge their hearts of racism!