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Can young (18-21 year old) anarchist man have a polygynous relationship where the girls are exclusive based on personal preference, religion, culture, nature or whatever  without compromising anarchist principles, providing that:

There is NO state-involvement

There is NO physical or financial coercion

He does NOT consider himself superior to the girls.
Polygyny is the one where one person is married to multiple people? It seems like it would be contradictory with anarchism due to the marriage aspect and the community, religious or state authorities enforcing it. Marriage is kind of like a contract. I think polyamorous relationships would be more compatible with anarchism.

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my 2c:

voluntary association is a core anarchist principle. if that is what you are describing - all participate freely and without coercion - then i see no reason why such a relationship would not be consistent with anarchist relations.

however, that is pretty general, and as with most situations, the devil is in the details. particularly around coercion, and the many forms that can take.
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