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I was just  wondering the approximate number/percentage of people on earth who's political ideology is some form of Anarchism, including Anarcho-Capitalism and National Anarchism.

Oh wowzers, I'm not familiar with this national anarchism so I looked it up and lol lawllaugh. I found the manifesto for national anarachism and geez louise. I started to wonder why there was a section in the manifesto dedicated to anti-zionism out of all the different kinds of nationalist movements and ideas they could've mentioned, but I guickly figured it out, and by zionism they mean the Jew. They seem to believe zionism and Jew are cinnamons synonyms. So In national anarchism they believe the Jews have covertly & secretly ran the world for the past 3,000 years or so. Accordiing to their manifesto, not only have the Jews apparently took over hollywood, but they are also trying to destroy ethics in video game journalism. It's funny that they try to reiterare over and over that they're not anti-semites, but just racial separtists. I'd've thought they'd support zionism since it's nationalism too, but I guess not.

I may not be super well versed in the ins and outs anarchism, but national anarchism  has like zilch to do with anarchism. It kinda reads like it's parody of ancapistanism and I really hope it is. Like how can someone make ancapistanism even more absurd lol. jfc lawl

How many anarchists are there in the world? 42

if you're a true nationalist, it's your "duty" to want to destroy every other form of nationalism...lol...

i guess anti-semites have to find a way to mix that with every other single ideology since hitler basically ruined the mainstream credibility of anti-semitism...

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There's just no way to know the answer to this question...serious anarchists tend not to fill out surveys, institutions never or rarely ask people about that, and worst of all its unclear now adays who is and isnt an anarchist..

By my standards, an anarchist is either someone who calls themselves an anarchist (and this is a problem cuz by that standard someone  could be a nazi and an anarchist...) or someone who lives like an anarchist (?)

If i were to guess, id say less than .001% of people in the world (about 8 million according to google) identify with anarchism in a serious manner. Its a very un-popular ideology or religion. Marxism and far right nationalism (the other two extreme political ideologies) are waaaaay more popular in most countries.

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