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how do you think things will play out from the nightmare that is 2020 in the u.s.?

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and how would you LIKE things to play out?

the covid-19 pandemic. major social unrest due (initially) to systemic racism in law enforcement. a president (and cohorts) that seems intent on establishing an authoritarian dictatorship of some sort, while setting the stage to contest - or possibly prevent - the upcoming presidential election that he seems likely to lose.

shit seems ripe for something dramatic. what are your thoughts and desires about how this shit might play out? what will things look like in february 2021? what would you realistically want them to look like?

just looking for some discussion, really.
asked Jul 28 by funkyanarchy (12,270 points)
my imagination is not working so well atm, but what i keep thinking of, when i lift my head enough to take a longer view, is the scenario(s) described in *Desert*. i believe that is boring of me, but it's partly why the book has had such resonance, i think. it convincingly paints a picture that seems realistic based on predictions and events...

but that doesn't say much about what might be different next year (yeesh. 8 months from now). except, you know, more so.
Nice, I was planning to ask this question myself today!

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Honestly I feel it’s impossible to say who will win this election, there’s a lot of talk about how in the event the orange man loses he will plant his feet in the White House and stay. This could just be more bullshit speculation. Everyone including me was saying with certainty trump was gonna lose against Hillary last time, and the pollsters are strongly hinting a trump defeat now but there’s a lot of time left still before the next election. Some poly-sci professor ran a model predicting trump is more likely to win, if that happens it will be pretty crazy. We will enter a wild card scenario where anything is possible. Of course, in the event Biden wins things will also be kinda strange and crazy. He recently said he wants the police to arrest anarchists basically.

This is all short term stuff but the long term is also interesting to me. I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that climate change will continue getting worse, But only time will tell what this actually means. Hard times can give rise to fascist politics and the thought of this is pretty frightening.
answered Jul 30 by Nihilist (-180 points)
to me, the short term stuff is the most unpredictable. between the virus and all its impacts, the social unrest, and the fascistic push being made by trump and his cohorts in power, the short term outlook is pretty unstable. if i was younger, i'd be quite a bit more excited about it than i am now (between age and circumstances).

the long term outlook to me hasn't changed much. climate change and mass human stupidity pretty much guarantee that most humans - and a shitload of other life - are doomed. this current moment only strengthens that likelihood. though if the virus wipes out a much larger portion of the population than it seems likely to, maybe this situation could change things in a different way for the long term. if not, maybe the next one will.

the way this situation has proven beyond all doubt how money and power are the only things that matter to the "leaders" (as if any critical thinking person needed more evidence), anything short of complete mass insurrection is proof that there is no way out for mass society. i'm not holding my breath.

it seems easy right now to have somewhat of a doomsday perspective.
I find it unlikely that the virus will kill off a significant amount of the human population, the thing that worries me about it is it seems to have long term consequences for the people who survive it. Of course it could have killed off larger numbers of people but modern medical science is pretty advanced and people are taking a lot of precautions. What is both troubling and exciting to me (I’m turning 31 next month so I’m pretty young) is the convergence of a lot of different potentially violent and chaotic things. I personally don’t think trump is capable of being hitler because Americans would resist and rebel against that, but the general stupidity and mental instability of people who buy into weird lies in the US leaves a lot of different possibilities open...I like excitement but I personally don’t want a whole lot more trauma and stress in my life, but I think it will happen nonetheless because that’s life. Things not getting more chaotic and unstable could be even worse. Who knows.
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LAVA LAMP WRITINGS: there are indicia of modernity's end all about ...  COVID has distorted all institutional images ... it is as if ameriKa  is seeing its retroflections in a hall of circus mirrors ... history is being unlearned and science is providing no solace ... the WASP will use whatever institutional processes available to maintain history as he needs it to be ... the elements of change are more nihilistic than idealistic .... authoritarian centralization will be the vaccine of choice for most > it will be an untrialed vaccine and societal reaction to it could be less than desirable ... the 2020 election is a choice between a charlatan & a pawn of identity politics > whoever wins will rule without solutions ... the COVID is most likely endemic ...  no real medical break throughs for the masses can occur before 2022 ... ANY vaccine will be administered in a prioritized manner on an INDIVIDUAL basis causing whatever benefits to be outweighed by the unrest that will come from those still wanting ... the 2021 streets will soon be crowded with the unemployed, the homeless, the angry, the sick, the fearful, the militant and herded by the FORCES OF CONTROL... money will soon be a derivative  ...   the streets will be crowded & households more isolated ... the paradox of mass protest in a society beset with COVID demanded social distancing is looming larger & LARGER ... internet fabrication will  invert information and facts will be personal to the holder ... individual voices will get louder as they try & shout down one another ... 2021 will be a harbinger of a worse 2022 wink

answered Aug 1 by jack pot (370 points)
ok, you can take off your rose-colored glasses now.  :-)

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Political polls/Public opinions polls in the US is an industry more than anything else.  The pollsters aren't measuring peoples opinions, but producing them. There's a slight amount of pressure that pollsters put on people to give an answer about a set of political related questions. Question that the person may or may not give a shit about or even be aware of. Asking people their opinions on a set political related questions hasn't translated well into people voting the way the poll had suggested for the past 40 years or so. The results of political polls/public opinions are kinda like illusions. At best, they're for the media to try to gauge the effectiveness of their reporting and marketing.

I don't usually set out things or think much about what I would realistically want things to happen in the future personally. People have asked me similar things and usually I don't have an answer that accounts for more than a few days. US political related stuff I don't ponder much and when I do, i draw blanks. pew pew pew. It's not good for my mental health and I just have a huge sense of indifference to the whole she-bang in the US with the rona and politically anyways. Perhaps it's depression or I'm just too dang bourgeoi$ or i don't feel it has much to do with me personally.

I think it would be humorous to me if the president got reelected or didn't get reelected and refused to step down. Here are some minor things. I would like to see people stop insinuating nearly everything is white supremacy without a coherent explanation as to why. That's all I got. Maybe Covid-19 could be called Captain Trips instead. That'd be neat.
answered 4 days ago by Zubaz (4,140 points)

i don't tend to think about the future very much either.

i do feel like there is a perfect storm brewing in the world out there, even though i have no idea what that will mean. and what i find interesting is, i don't even know what i want it to mean. my own life has been impacted dramatically by factors completely unrelated to the pandemic or social unrest. my focus tends to be my own life, yet the current situation makes me wonder about bigger picture issues.