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What to expect from riots

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Hi all,

While watching a commentary on current riots in the US, there was a remark that I see all the time, which says that such riots are too disorganized, lack political formulations and "ideology", passive and lacks constitutive aspects - "do not shoot us" hardly points towards a new way of living but instead just a reaction to the current state of things - so in the end they just die off without any considerable impact to the established order and political power usually manages to bring it to its advantage, by consolidating its own popular support for example. Such criticism can be heard in many, many riots and protests that have happened in last decade, perhaps because they share similar characteristics.

So my question is, what do you expect from riots? I personally think that greatest benefit of such riots are a break in the normal and consequent transformations they lead in the individual. But apart from that, i think instead of riots, build-up in "normal" times are much more important for pushing towards social change. Riots are just tactical showdowns to see how successful protestors can be against the police and keep the initiative.
asked Jun 8 by Metalist (900 points)
I haven't been paying too much attention. At best, surface level or shallow appeasement and maybe some politicians will change. Then it'll rinse and repeat in a few years.
I've been kind of asking myself the same thing, and i've started paying a little more attention to the news than i normally do. Maybe this could contribute to a more thorough destruction of institutions and societies, which is something I've kind of been wanting depending on what happens in the long run?

However, i think that despite the appearance, the pandemic and the outpouring of opposition to racism/police brutality are not enough to strongly change the activities of nation states and capitalist societies at least in their current configurations...i think maybe all this 2020 chaos could maybe trigger more events that could lead to that though...the news media kind of has a tendency to make things seem more monumental and serious than they actually are. I unfortunately don't think that any of the recent protests are going to lead to sweeping legal reforms that will lead to less abuses of power. Maybe other types of civil servitude will replace the more old-school police brutality? I'm somehow not feeling terribly optimistic about the events so far though. But lets see: the future is murky and vague at best.
I overestimated what the state I live in was gonna do. I thought they were gonna at least pretend to reform some laws and cops to appease people, but nope I was way off on that one. Instead a few counties in Merryland decided to change street names in the wealthiest areas in all of Merryland that are named after confederate soldiers. The state of Merryland also decided to remove a american civil war plaque. The liberal type people on social media for my area are very pleased and think it's the best thing since sliced bread. They've wanted those street names changed for awhile now. I'm not sure what it has to do with cops killing people, but perhaps I'm too dense and not enlightened enough to understand what these slight cosmetic changes are suppose to do. It seems like a big "fuck you" to the protestors to me. I'll have to go down to inner city Baltimore to ask the people that live there what they think of the street name changes in the wealthy areas.

I've learned some new slogans that aren't clear to me what they're supposed to mean and have learned new acronyms of groups of individuals. Maybe i'll ask a question about the slogan later. I can be pretty dense at times.
tell us what the slogans are? so curious now!
yes, please tell us the slogans!

but i feel you, it seems like the main thing that's been happening is white people are giving black people money. The confederate relics controversy is so popular because activists know they won't have as much success dismantling the police bureaucratically, but i still think that's a better fight: if the police get defunded, then think about all the creative stuff we could do to statues without facing the consequences.
dot & nihilist, one of the slogans that I see again and again by liberal types is "white silence equals white violence." I don't believe I've heard that one until recently. I've found it difficult to get an answer. Afaict my existence apparently makes me complicit in violence against black people unless I do this or that. There are variations of that one. There is another one about empathy but i can't remember the wording of it atm.
thanks. as with many things that become meaningless or terrible, i think there is a kernel in these slogans that is not. people not doing something in the face of bad stuff is complicity, right?

but what we should do and how we define the Bad Stuff are begged questions. in this case, one of the many presumptions is that white people only benefit from racism, which i think is demonstrably not true, as white supremacy makes white people's lives worse as well. people being encouraged to connect with each other across differences doesn't always work, obviously (so many people say "that's never happened to me or anyone i know", even when it has happened to them, but they imagine it differently). but then *nothing* always works so...
but the tendency for activists/leftist/liberals to work the idea that privilege requires sacrifice is very common.

"....as white supremacy makes white people's lives worse as well."

That to me is a golden point (hehe...) that i wish a lot of people on the left understood better, white supremacist ideology and it's child, eugenics, has strongly warped a lot of people's opinions and flattened the reality we live in. Looking "across the aisle" (LOL) i also get sad thinking of how poor/under-privledged people are treated within capitalism. I also wish that i could continue going to therapy but there are a lot of things that bar my access to that especially right now.

I personally really hate that slogan "white silence is violence" because it has a strong resemblance to christianity's "sin of omission", in other words, "by not trying to actively change what was going on you are complicit in the bad things that other people do". When my friend in 2016 convinced me to go to the trump protests in 2016, i saw someone holding that slogan and standing on the street. I couldn't help but saying "you're being awfully silent!" and they couldn't help but laughing.

The thing i despise so much about activism is that "activism" actually does carry a certain ideology (un-named by academia and all the people who are more important than i am who coin words that states) "you should be active, if you are not active you are part of the problem".

And dot, by saying "meh", you seem to be pretending your more aloof to this than you actually are.

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