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glad to see the site up and running again....i've missed it!
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Looks like it has a securer connection now

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hi BA@, yea, i've missed it too.
what has changed (if i understand correctly), is that the site was backed up in 1/2019, and this is a result of that back up. i guess that means that anything that happened from that month to this one is gone (but that's mostly a good thing).

other than that, i doubt you'll notice anything different at all. except for all of us being older and wiser, of course! ;)

edit: remember to browse using the "activity" tab.
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I thought people who are running the website died or something :( Good to see that it's back, and hope you all doing fine in these interesting times!
yes, one of them died. friends have stepped up to maintain (some of) the projects he was bottomlining.
and some of us are still here.
thanks, dot. sorry to hear a friend has died. glad to see you're still here. looking forward to more conversations with older and wiser perspectives during these days of rapid change, venturing into the unknown!
great to "see" you all.