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Or a beginner type book?

I see there's an Anarchy101 book but my brain needs a more sequential and basic outline that builds upon itself.
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I second Anarchy Works. If you can find a copy Anarchy Alive by Uri Gordon is also pretty decent (but kind of expensive for a pretty thin book).

It is brief, but Bob Black's essay Anarchy 101 is a nice intro to anarchy from a PL@ perspective. The essay should be on, and is also in his book Defacing the Currency.

i re-read black's 101 a bit ago, and was disappointed. i would not recommend it, actually. can't remember exactly, but something about what he says about work (ironically) is inconsistent with his current/interesting thinking, and certainly with me...

Thanks for the suggestions! I've read most of those but i should revisit. i picked up the anarchy101 book anyway. Curious about how its put together... website->book. I liked the bob black essay.... nothing struck me about his ideas on work?


@formyinformation & @dot -

I will reread the BB essay. I recall it being good, but y'know, you read a thing and remember it being resonant, and then sometimes perspectives change, but without revisiting you hold on to things you shouldn't. I will say more after I do so.
rumor has it that Jason McQuinn is working on a post-left reader, but it's been more than a decade since he allegedly began compiling material...

you could do a lot worse than rummaging around at the anarchist library; there are a bunch of decent overviews, theoretical explorations, and a few rants there:
I just reread @101 (the BB text, not this entire site, sheesh, that sounds horrid). I didn't see what it was you saw, dot. It isn't particularly post-left in orientation; I would say it is -without adjectives and not afraid to touch on the various tendencies generally included in the post-left canon, which is striking because most folks who might address the same bulleted questions from a red @ perspective would likely go out of their way to not include some of what BB says.

I've never met BB, I hope never to meet him, as he sounds like a terrible human, but I really appreciate some of his work.
Not explicitly post-left, but the old Green Anarchy "Back to Basics" series was okay (it has been years since I actually read them, so no promises that they stand up) Especially "The Problem of the Left" and One of the other ones, i think it was "What is Green Anarchy?", but could've been "Why Civilization?" It was maybe somebof the least dogmatic stuff the GA collective put out. I will dig those out and reread and.comment further.

i was just reading an old forum post about disability and found your discussion about dot making an faq page or a little prompt before the question and now im confused.  shouldnt have smoked that last bowl.

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anarchy works is probably the best that i  know of. not particularly post-left, but friendly to it, as i recall.
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