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I am better at answering questions than answering asking them, so I get it if this is not a question y'all feel interested in answering, but I live in the general vicinity of the original superfund site, Hanford. I wouldn't be directly poisoned by the nuclear waste that lives there, but I will definitely be poisoned by the nuclear waste that is leaching to the Columbia River as we speak.

I can be all nihilist as fuck about my own life (I've already made enough bad decisions I expect it is somewhat shortened), but what the fuck do we (anarchists) do about these massive, terrible, and seemingly intractable problems that civilization has made for us?

Edit: Better at answering questions than answering them? What the fuck was I on about?

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" i take comfort in the fact that our species is not going to be able to make it off this planet"

ya as much as i like running water its not worth extincting the species. 

nihilist, i wish i shared your confidence that humans won't make it off this planet. i hope you are right. the pace of technological development scares me.
i try not to think about species or humanity or any thing grand like that.  i feel empathetic towards the billions of people who live in this frankly moronic world... but not connected, not really.  besides, they choose to have kids, they chose to work, they choose to keep it all going.  they have their life -which for the majority of people is far, far less fortunate than mine i readily admit- and they do with it what they will.  i have no grand, profound connection to them individually, or as a collective 'humanity', outside some basic physical similarities, and intertwined economic relations.  recently i despair less and less about the fate of humanity; granted its still moronic and horrific, but i couldnt care less 'humans' leave this planet or die out after five more generations, for instance.  my attention goes to what i do now.  well thats not true, my attention goes to pokemon and youtube.  but when i think about the future, i think about my future.  that is the only future that exists for me, after all.

well going humans going extinct doesnt make me very uncomfortable at all, all life going extinct does, i would love to see humans continue if they could do it without the ecocide, however i completely agree that isnt possible or atleast not on a massive scale.

like someone else said.. depopulation would solve the problem (im not saying that we should exterminate people but that if something did maybe it wouldnt be so terrible in the long run)

sounds very much in the spirit of egoism to me! I remember when i was really into pokemon during middle school age, now they've expanded the list...i watched the pokemon show on cartoon network...i still remember the song "i will travel, across the land, searching far and wide...", and to my understanding they got rid of that show atleast in the US :_-(

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