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What are the best books or media to study ? What are the best websites / online resource recommendations ?

Where do you go to meet other anarchists offline ?

What do anarchists do in practice ?

What is the best advice can you give to anyone who’s new to anarchy ?
some thoughts on things to read are here-- is a fantastic resource.

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My only advice would be to think critically about everything you read and don't jump on the anarchist bandwagon just because it sounds cool. Anarchy is not a 'Cause' to which you owe allegiance, it is a way of approaching your life and your interactions with others that is free of coercion and domination. Although this can involve moments of revolt against the established order if that's what you choose to do, never lose sight of your own desires when choosing how to act (or not act) in a given situation. The liberty that you desire for yourself is no less valid than the liberty that you desire for others.

As for specific readings, I concur with dot that The Anarchist Library is a wealth of information, but one article in particular that I'd recommend to you is called "From Politics to Life: Ridding Anarchy of The Leftist Millstone" by Wolfi Landstreicher. It's coming from a perspective that is miles away from anything you'll read in the Anarchist FAQ or any of the more 'normative' anarchist writings, but it's the sort of thing I wish I'd discovered earlier on when I was first starting to take an interest in anarchism. You can read the full text here:

Hope that helps.

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Also, have fun.  Enjoy yourself, live in the moment, and create anarchy wherever and whenever you can, whatever it is that you find anarchy to be.
yes! to both the answer and the above comment.