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For example: would the acceptance of authority or un-earthly gods be considered dangerous by anarchists?
yeah, earthly gods are way better ;-p
:-) boles

for me, the first thing about this question that has to be dealt with is:

can ideas themselves be dangerous?

but if one assumes that ideas inevitably lead to their implementation in action/behavior (i do not, but i know many who do), then i would think there are many, many, many. starting with the idea that humans universally are not capable of dealing with life (including conflict) on their own, and need leaders and codified authority. beyond that, i find most -isms to be dangerous to anarchic relations. possibly even anarch-ism. but then, i have been called (probably not entirely inaccurately) ideologically opposed to ideology.

edit: i would add that (for me) everything is contextual, and so some idea may be dangerous to someone at some particular time or circumstance; but not necessary for everyone or all the time.
I guess this is related to the post.

and no, ideas aren't dangerous. I'm taking "idea" to mean a thought. It depends on your pov on what you'd say dangerous is and whether or not by idea, you mean something like expressing it the idea and trying to carry it out, or something different.

The first use of "idea" apparently meant "archetype, concept of a thing in the mind of God."

The concept of Lord Xenu flying a DC-8 airplane full of passengers through space and dropping then passengers off on an volcanic island on earth (Teegeeack) just to nuke them seems like risque behavior.  I wonder if there are any anarcho-scientologists or if such a thing exists since there are so many anarcho-*insert adjective here*
I find the Pythagorean Theorem extremely threatening.

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