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Money is the essential aspect of life. How does an Anarchist make an income without playing into or being victim of the system they oppose.
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Thanks. I did search but never saw this in the results.
i don't think much about how to make money (i use 80% less money in 2017 than i did in 1995)....i primarily think about how to live without involving money in my life as much as possible, which has involved a variety of changes to my life....most of them very satisfying and freeing..the most difficult part of it has to do with people in my life (family, old friends) who don't understand me living this way.
could you elaborate on changes? I would love to hear.. my plan is to get enough $ to buy property, and use solar panels, a well, and maybe a water or wind turbine for power, and grow my own food and meat. some may be sold to cover property tax and any other minimal bills but that's the world we live in, any other excess hopefully given away to someone I would want to and benefit from it. does your life look something like this? or more like crimethinc wandering and theft.
hey DD, thanks for asking. i wrote a rather lengthy response and then removed it....i don't know why for sure...i think it seemed too long and meandering....i'll try again later to summarize/crystallize, or i can send you a pm with the original comment if you'd like.
i have a similar situation to ba@; my focus for the past 20 years has been to create a life for myself that is as divorced from capitalism and money as i can possibly be, given the current context of the world and my own desires and priorities.

those life changes have been relatively easy for me, simply because i am very clear on my priorities, and i have a certain level of "common sense", skills, and experience. i do not want the life that most (first worlders) want, and - like ba@ mentioned - that makes the life i desire difficult for many (including family and friends) to comprehend.

while my financial needs have been diminished dramatically over time (i get by on about $300 a month most of the time), i do still have needs for cash. so when i need to, i do what i need to do using the skills i have. mostly, i make my cash doing computer programming, which happens to be the easiest way for me to make what i need with the least possible effort. i have no moral qualms about doing work that i despise. as has been mentioned elsewhere, i would do my best not to do work that tangibly strengthens the system(s) that i hate and would love to see gone. though i guess any work for money is in some way perpetuating - if not strengthening - those systems. i don't typically let ideological concerns get in the way of my own survival on my own terms. but my desires for a different world do factor into my decisions, sometimes more than others.

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