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I Am enjoying the discussions here but understand it is for questions rather than direct discussion about what anarchy is and how to live it.

I would like a site more for discussion rather than a question and answer format that this site is built on. Are there some that you recommend? Or do you have a list of sites that offers that form of discussion?
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As someone who has been on this forum for a long time I would second what dot said. This is never going to be a place where I discuss a lot of particulars and details of my own activities, but no online forum is going to be. Part of that is security, and part of that is that the specifics of my situation particular to me.

One of the things I like most about this site is when we do get in to some deep questions/answer(s)/comments and really hash out some things and explore our varied perspectives.

Do you mind if I ask what sorts of stuff more specifically you want to talk about? I am totally down to get into the weeds about some things if you are.
Thank you for the recommendation, BA@. I went to "practice" & found great stuff.

You, each of you have tolerated me well. I have a habit of going into situations liker gangbusters in a very arrogant way. I don't realize I am doing it (again) until I am well into the process.

As @s, I guess handling each situation well is an important part of the process. I appreciate your patience with me--each of you.
Thank you, dot. I hear what you are saying. The author of the question on PrimeE was a good example of a question with an answer.

I think I asked the question because I couldn't think of how to make my thoughts into a question.
I Don't mind if you ask and I don't mind answer if I can remember what it was I was thinking about when I asked it. It will come back to me.
I So appreciate your responses. I went to the recommended tags and indeed, some very interesting discussions popped up. Thank you all. Now, if I can just remember a point I wanted to discuss but couldn't figure out how to put in to a question.

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