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I know some folks did that big anarchist survey, anyone have a rough idea? I'm meaning total, not just those in formal organizations.

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47,834, give or take some Chomskians.
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want to leave it at that but the comment box won't let me just type 4 characters. gdmd tyranny of the machine (btw, people should check out the new adam curtis video series!)...
are you talking about "all watched over by machines of loving grace?" i really enjoyed it. your thoughts?
I found this question difficult because there are 2 sides of every coin. On one side I would like to know how many people i could potentially share strong affinity. On the other I feel that although we don't have the numbers we do have the advantage of being unpredictable, its like guerrilla warfare. I feel that this information could be used against us.
hey mcsquared - this isn't an answer. can you make it a comment (edit your response and there will be an option to "make into comment").
there are many adam curtis videos, and they're all worth watching. the trap, century of the self, power of nightmares, and more.