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I was wondering if anarchists thought the state was undermining their subversive efforts? A great deal of analysis, from a variety of sources, suggests that the very geography of many cities of today is being manipulated with the idea of removing spots that foster riots and unrest. The use of an informant allows far deeper infiltration while the lack of a more complex anarchist strength prevents the threat of retaliation coming against informants and those turned to inform, to snitch, on their fellows. The distractions from the various media: television, internet, radio, billboards, posters and so on, which both reinforce the values of society and frames the narratives of its rebels, shaping the perception of them. The transforming of riots and unrest into situations of national conversation, rather than a challenge to the system, the media even can make an insurrection into a political stunt.

Is there any strong anarchist analyses that discuss how these forces work against anarchists and give suggestions for where subversion may need to go should any mass strategy become easily herded?

tl;dr I often hear things about doing stuff and things about how dominated we are, but not how anarchist things are dominated and how anarchists can overcome them, if that is a better way to frame what I'm trying to say.

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maybe i'm not understanding the question (which does seem to be oddly phrased).

do i think that the state is undermining my efforts to live an anarchist life? isn't that self-explanatory? i would say that it's the definition of an anarchist, that one believes the state (with perhaps other actors also) is a force that i need to act against in order to live as i desire. to take another tack, our acts are only subversive to the extent that they are against the state (ie, what would my acts be subverting, if not the state in its various forms?).

there are certainly strong anarchist analyses about how the culture acts against anarchist desires and what might be done about it... (although i guess the first theorists that come to my mind are the Situationists, who were not anarchist, but that's just me...) contemporary writers are crimethInc, apio ludd, john zerzan (sigh), alfredo m bonnano, de acosta, aragorn!  (those are just off the top of my head--there are many, coming from very different directions, so having more of an idea of what you think would enable a more targeted list for you).

is that approaching an answer?
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I think op is reffering specifically to state efforts to curtail riots
thanks rs666, perhaps they'll clarify.