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"That is, the world population vastly exceeds the world's carrying capacity; very many species + natural systems have been obliterated or damaged, and more will follow very shortly; there's not any longer an unenclosed wild space. It's perhaps to the point that human survival is inextricably dependent on massive technological systems beyond our control. Such systems can only be administered by capitalism + the state, really.  True we don't live well by continuing this way, but I wonder if we have a choice. I wonder also about what further damage we do to ourselves by imagining that we might. This I suppose is what Margaret Thatcher had in mind when she informed us that "There is no alternative.""

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What do you think about the quote i put? Do you think we crossed the point where a radical change is possible with a hope of survival? If we destroy the techno-industrial system, will it take us with itself? System probably will not destroy itself during our lifespan so would it be better to live our remaining time with our loved ones in countryside instead of trying to destroy the system and possibly get killed or face even worse scenarios both for oneself and loved ones?

How far can you go as an anarchist, are you mentally ready to face the dire consequences? 


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"How far can you go as an anarchist, are you mentally ready to face the dire consequences? "

i ask myself these questions on most days....and the answers keep changing....but i think i can go further than i already have, and i think i can adapt mentally....and the consequences (of "the systems") already feel dire.

regarding alternatives, i already live alternatively to "society" (or at least to most people i know and observe and hear about) in a variety of ways.  some of the ways i live differently feel quite substantial, others not so much. i do so because i like the way it makes me feel - freer, more creative, more honest, more in touch with the land and water and creatures around me - basically, more the way i desire to live. i don't seek alternatives necessarily because i think anything "in society" will ever change....if only my relationship to people and places and things changes, if the way i relate changes, that usually (certainly not always) feels like enough.

that doesn't mean my choices don't get limited by systemic and institutionalized forces, but the ways in which i deviate from "normal" feel very liberating. if i thought i had no alternatives, i'd feel more depressed than i sometimes do now when i reflect on the whole mess (the shrinking wildness, capitalism, wars, pollution, authority, ownership of children, failing health and relationships of those i know, etc, etc, etc.). 

i also receive a certain amount of pleasure from mocking the institutions, corporations, government, commercials, school systems....and i doubt i'll ever give that up as long as they, and i, exist.

i like the question(s).

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regarding "believing" (from the quote you referenced)...i try daily to overcome the programming i've received over the years in an attempt to not believe. i'd rather imagine, experience, observe, create, destroy, attack, ponder, explore, experiment, laugh, cry, rage, love, feel, dream, get high, play, wonder....anything other than believe. it takes a lot of effort, but most of the time i enjoy it.


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