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Why does this exist when yahoo! answers has tons of questions like this already?

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asked Apr 6, 2010 by anonymous

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The goal of yahoo answers is entirely different than the goal of this site. Yahoo is a general interest site (and the Q&A reflects this). @101 answers questions by more-or-less educated & experienced anarchists. Our target is non-anarchists & other anarchists.

Anarchists (generally) believe in the principle of self-determination and self-sufficiency. This is an example of that principle in action.
answered Apr 6, 2010 by aragorn (2,270 points)
Just a small recommendation: I just spent some time composing a lengthy response, and was distracted by other things IRL here, and then finished the comment, to only find it was "timed out". Perhaps a longer time out, would do wonders... Otherwise, you are risking the lives of keyboards everywhere! ;-)
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Also: ask.yahoo.com has ceased operations. The people at Y! are idiots... they've consistently closed down/sold every unique/useful service they hosted.
answered Apr 9, 2010 by enkidu (6,110 points)
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Ask.metafilter.com is a good general question site for those mourning Yahoo! Answers. But it's a big wide web, and there's room for everyone!
answered Jan 3, 2011 by creativenothing (250 points)