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So these things are a part of everyday life (well for most of us shut ins) and I was wondering if these things would still be around.
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(kudos on the subject tags, btw.)

The massive human effort and creativity dumped blindly into 'fan fiction', unauthorized game extensions, cos-play, etc... should prove to you that if enough people want something to be created, they will create it themselves (directly or indirectly) - within technological limits of the given society.

Whether the technology to support a given form of media can be sustained for an extended period is debatable, given the huge human, energy and waste investments required, and given the ecological damage caused in mining the required minerals and in toxic waste from discarded devices.

Personally, i think we will (anarchy or not) simply spend more time with the warm bodies around us - telling stories, singing each other songs, dancing, playing, fucking, fighting, ... spending our time in the first and only totally immersive game - life.
good response, cb. should probably be an answer, imo.

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