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I'm just asking this because I just watched "the 400 blows", which I was impressed with and to me was very realistic. I know lots of movies have resistance as a theme, but it normally is in the form of spectacular heroic nonsense.

Also, any good fictional movies made by anarchists?
check out a french movie called "mic-mac" (i think).  maybe not exactly what you are talking about, but worth a look.
I haven't seen it, nor read the book (which is why I am making this a comment), but Bartleby, based on the Herman Mellville book Bartleby the Scrivner might fall into this category.

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I question Breaking the Spell as an example of resistance-in-daily-life as opposed to a moment of spectacular resistance, and I positively refute the idea that it is a work of fiction. Propaganda, yes. Fiction, no.
Ok, you are correct, it was documentary in nature and not fictional,...


Perhaps that will list will guide you where you want to go.
I can recommend Tank Girl, it was a good movie.
Logan's Run, though not overtly labeled anarchist, was an escape from an oppressive ruling class.
They Live is another good one.