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what do you think about that essay. particularly how he talks about anarchists as being hypocrites. what he says about dumpstering, is it wrong to salvage something from a dumpster and enjoy it because some people have to to survive? is it wrong to live as a "crust punk" or reject employment because some people would gladly take a job and a home even if they have to do what a boss says or pay a mortgage? what is the modern relationship of punk and anarchism? is punk dead (gutted of the original values and ideas)? should anarchists distance themselves from it on the possibility that it as a "subversive culture" is ineffective and many on the "scene" have become pretentious?
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Why so many 'shoulds' and 'is-it-wrong's'? Why give a fuck how Goad values people and their activities, and what he has to think or say about them (if Goad is the 'he' you refer to)?

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I was asking what you think because he brought up interesting points. Is that against your personal standards to do those things? Why why not?

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I think the author sounds angry and judgmental and it didn't do much for me.

I think we (anarchists and non-anarchists) are all hypocrites to varying degrees.

I don't think dumpstering or rejecting employment are "wrong", regardless of one's financial situation.

I know very little about the punk scene as it relates to anarchism or whether or not it is dead.

I don't know what any anarchists "should" do, but like my observation about hypocrisy, I think most people are pretentious to some extent at various times.

Perhaps the author wrote the piece as a way to get people to think about their own hypocrisy or to challenge the reader to re-evaluate their thoughts and actions, but to me it mostly sounded like a rant - one that I had a hard time finding much use for.

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