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There's wide diversity here. Most, maybe all, anarchists are opposed to dogma, hierarchal institutions, and coercive religions. Many anarchists, especially the more "traditional" ones are atheist, materialist and anti-religion. Others have made attempts at anarchic Christianities, Islams, Buddhisms, Taoisms, etc. There are quite a few that have adopted or created any number of other sorts of spiritual approaches.  See: http://eng.anarchopedia.org/Anarchism_and_religion
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by definition, all anarchists are opposed to "hierarchical institutions and coercive religions".

most religions have some anti-authoritarian tendencies within at least their rhetoric, which can be used to justify anarchist activity in the name of that religion. hence famous anarchist christians like dorothy day and tolstoy, and the character hakim bey (muslim, i believe).

but the greatest tendency by far is the hyper-rational, pro-science one that anarchists started out with, seeing religion as the oppressor of people (religion not being distinguished or distinguishable from the church, as far as i can tell).