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not to sink to their (very low) level.   In other words;
play the ball instead of the man,
build up instead of break down,
sow love instead of fear,
work on our own neurotic behaviour,
& try to make every day a party.
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Government is a flawed system that is ineffective, outdated and obsolete.  For some silliness most people are waiting for its collapse for something better to come along.  That is just crazy!!!!!  But this could be because our educational system focuses on what to think and unfortunately not how to think.

I believe that if there was a better system based on anarchy, it could created a condition for a smooth transition for society.  If we had a vision, new core values, and developed functional systems for society for flow and order (effectiency) that people would be able to embrace the change.

Nobody thinks that government are effective.  Nobody likes paying taxes or what they taxes all being used for.  With the existence of one system, no other choice is possible.  Create a system that works better than another and you now have a choice.  To fight a system that cannot change is not very effective.  Even when a government is overthrown another one just takes its place.  

It is up to some group to develop a better way of a function society.  But that is difficult when creative thought is rare and uncreative opinions and endless debates are the best most minds are conditioned to offer.
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