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How are we ever going to have a revolution?

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I've talked to some people lately who respond to arguments against capitalism in what seems to me, weird. I mentioned how people are compelled to work(employment)because the alternative is often starvation or homelessness. They answered that it's okay because it's your choice between those options. Some people are completely okay with being dominated. Both by governments and bosses. I mentioned how when you are an employee you have to do what your boss tells you where he tells you to be when he tells you to. They said that's okay because he worked to get there. I understand people feel differently about things. This is kind of depressing. How will we ever have a full insurrection with people who are fine with being dominated or dominating.
asked Oct 26, 2014 by anonymous

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For now, there's not really much reason for people in the first world to rebel (forgive me if I'm mistaken but I assume that's where you are). They are vaguely comfortable, the world is painted as inevitable, and therefore they buy the ideologies you mention.

Capitalism and civilization create their own crises. The Great Depression, the melting of the polar ice caps, the killing of Michael Brown and subsequent revolt, etc. If there is to be some kind of event that drastically alters the way humans live and relate, it will most likely be related to these crises. At these moments the facade has a much better chance of being revealed, people are open to different ideas, and they might act in a way that negates the capitalist order, without even thinking about it, simply to get by.

But for all we know this might lead to fascism, to religious fundamentalism, to state communism, or to some unknown form of existence which we will be hostile to. It's been argued, and I somewhat agree, that if people like us have any function in creating a better society it likely rests at these critical moments.

What's important to remember is that we really have no idea about these things. Humans don't really excel at understanding the root causes of things, and for all we know tomorrow might be The Revolution, perhaps starting from rural Kansas being malcontent over Comcast throttling their internet. Who knows?
answered Oct 26, 2014 by flip (3,980 points)