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People—friends, family, strangers, colleagues, cellmates—who are uncaring and dismissive of others struggles, or of actively trying to radically change their own lives (maybe in an anarchistic way, maybe not) to better suit their needs and desires...people who just accept and go along with the status quo—
Is there something anarchists "do" with "these people"? Do we fight them? Love them? Ignore them? Dance with them? Educate (ugh)? Affiliate? Destroy?
It's just so saddening to see friends be so complacent and not give a shit because they don't think anything can change and they just want their comfort.
It sounds like your concern with your own needs and desires is somehow hampered by the alleged apathy of other people around you. As long as they don't stand in the way of you and your needs and desires, why do you care? Radicalism is a minority position -- and anarchism is a minority subset within that -- so why would we expect people who behave complacently to be interested?

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