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I'm interested especially in living poets who identify as anarchists, regardless of what they write about.

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Thanks for the responses, lawrence and dot! I'd be interested to hear about any more anyone knows about-- the more the better!
Right here. ;) JaysThoughts on YouTube.

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Diane Di Prima and Ron Sakoksky come immediately to mind.
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Thanks, I hadn't heard of Sakoksky.
Sorry, that's Sakolsky.
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not living, but some people like voltairine decleyre's poetry also.
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Including me!
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check out Steve Tasane, he has lots of stuff on YouTube, including this Clash-inspired rant against banks
and this protest against government cuts
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Raegan Butcher's Stone Hotel and Rusty String Quartet!
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Wikipedia has a large list. In addition, there are many anarchist zines that have poetry in them (try the website "zine library dot info"), Penny Rimbaud from the anarcho-punk band Crass has some good poetry, and many of the famous Beat Generation poets were anarchists.
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Dambudzo Marechera -- here http://chinamieville.net/post/8665682497/smash-grab-run is a poem he wrote. his stuff is a little bit hard to find

Philip Levine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Levine_(poet) former poet laureate?!?

Juliana Spahr -- this http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/16959 is a poem that I think is in her book fuck you aloha I love you

Ariana Reines (I think she is probably an anarchist because she did a (very good) translation of theory of the younggirl by tiqqun) ... this http://www.actionyes.org/issue6/reines/reines-sucking.html is an essay she wrote about her book the cow, which is very, very good.

arthur rimbaud
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I think everyone is forgetting Renzo Novatore.....theanarchistlibrary.org, go to topics, scroll down to poetry.....that's NUMBERWANG! Also Hakim Bey has a few books of poetry: Black Fez Manifesto, etc.
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