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I frequently use the unintentional implementations of anarchism in Spain and Copenhagen as well as intentional anarchist communities in arguments with statists, however sometimes when a government collapses shit hits the fan. Like Somalia. Does anyone have an analysis of why in Some situations people cooperate and in others "warlords" take all the resources and bully people? On the other hand you could argue that the example of Somalia wasn't anarchism at all, just a very violent unofficial government that needs to be overthrown like all the rest.
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I haven't, and I should've looked up Somalia first, but the idea stands that in some situations when the government is suddenly absent something like that happens. How do we avoid this?
absolutely. links are not to say that a question shouldn't have been asked, but to add to the conversation.

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My guess is that it depends on how strong and close the relationships, connections, and organizations are among the people who are there when the collapse happens. Also, it probably depends on how quickly or slowly the old way of life (hierarchy, government, etc) falls apart. I'd imagine another factor is the collective mindset of individuals - how they view life and death, how fearful or fearless they are, how much they've come to value their uniqueness and diversity, and so on.

For me, the primary question is how would I and how do I respond during times of unrest as well as in times when it seems to be business as usual. What am I willing to risk? How important is safety...or freedom? Can I imagine myself in another situation other than that in which I currently reside? How can I imagine my life now, despite what seems to be "reality"? What to do in the face of warlords, or the seeming absence of them when I am feeling comfortable?
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