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I live in Brandon, Tampa, Ybor, Sarasota, Riverview, Plant city, isn areas

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I voted this up, though perhaps a related question "how do I meet anarchists?" would work better for the purpose?

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This isn't really the best place to ask such a location-specific question.  I'm not going to be able to tell you that you should go to the super-secret anarchy meeting at the corner of Darby & Anna St. (Wednesdays at 4:20).

I was actually going to look for an answer or comment I'd made previously, but couldn't find it, so here is my take on this in a general sort of a way: if there are issues you are interested in in the area, seek people out around that stuff: you are likely to find anarchists on the periphery (or more deeply involved) in various struggles wherever they might be. Possibly see if there is any online presence or local publications? If not, start one (does this suggestion unforgivably locate me in the realm of "came of age in the late 20th century? If so, replace "zine" with "blog" or something. A zine need only be a photocopied broadsheet that is left in the sorts of places anarchists *might* go, or pasted to walls or telephone poles.

Beware the activists who are anarchists but who need to save the world, raise consciousness, change minds and so on. For similar reasons, approach colleges & universities as dens of potential allies as well as mortal foes. Also, expect to be held at arms length. It isn't always safe to let in outsiders. We are often a wary bunch, with very good reason.
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I also had difficulty in approaching this question. I thought "I want to help this person meet an anarchist but I don't want to help out activists or organizations". I originally did not answer because it seems rather difficult to meet an anarchist unless they are doing something public.

This gives reason for us old fuckers to get out there and meet anarchists, hold public discussion and stuff like that. We might not be accomplices, but we might be able to network people into activities that aren't re-making the wheel of activism.
How do I meet post-left anarchists?