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I want to be an anarchist but i feel that I'm can't because not the usual working class kid, am I worried about nothing?

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I guess it really doesn't matter. I just want learn that's all.

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You don't have to come from any particular background to be an anarchist!

To answer "what can you do to be an anarchist", well: the answer for you isn't any different from the answer to anybody else.

One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't necessarily mean a lot to be an anarchist. By which I mean, there are a lot of people who call themselves anarchists and like the idea of anarchism, but don't act on it in any way — and there are people who don't call themselves anarchists who come into conflict with society.

(If you want some basic introductory stuff for getting new ideas and maybe some guidance on things you could do, there are plenty of things I could link you to. There's a lot of useful stuff on this site, too.)
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Thank you for answer, if you would please send me some links to others websites.
Sorry, took me a minute to get on that.

CrimethInc has been putting out interesting and accessible material for a long time, although I have problems with some of it. Check out "Fighting For Our Lives" for a very basic sort of primer. Consider "Work" for a slightly more in-depth read.

A lot of stuff by Peter Gelderloos is cool in my opinion. His most well-known stuff is "Anarchy Works" and "How Nonviolence Protects the State".
(The Anarchist Library is a really good place to find a lot of anarchist authors and their writings.)

A lot of the zines linked by Untorelli Press are good. Many are not very basic, but definitely worth a read.

I also recommend the book "The Coming Insurrection" which you can find for really cheap in some places or for free online.
Thanks, look into it.
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If you're honest and open about your upbringing and don't pretend to be something else, you'll be fine. People will respect that. Being from a middle class background that's been my experience.
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Thanks Flip, mind if I ask what made you become an anarchist? What influence you? or  who influence you?
Being an alienated high schooler made me interested in the idea.

I got involved in 'organizing' and such with the anti-war movement, where I was more or less a social democrat. Being burnt-out by all that early on, and having a lot of time to procrastinate, and therefore watching chomsky videos (as well as talking to anarchists in town) made me a 'libertarian socialist.' (aka leftist anarchist)

Working on projects with leftists (failing infoshops, etc) and being annoyed with their kumbaya attitude towards working with anyone, as well as being genuinely convinced by insurrectionary arguments in zines and such, made me interested in post-left/insurrectionary/conflict-oriented anarchism.

That latest bit has been going on for like 4 years now.
I see, for me I've just always been interested in the idea. It just been until recently that my curiosity has sparked, that's why I'm on here pretty much.
Hope I won't be asking too many stupid question lol. I'm new
don't worry about asking questions that are 'stupid.' If anyone here is overly harsh or mean, just remember that this is the internet and they probably never leave their basement in real life. ;-)