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*an intentionally open question for a variety of answers*

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I like movies, though I don't like a lot of Hollywood schlock and barely ever go to see them. On the other hand, I tend to hate the pretension of anything or one that uses the term "cinema."

But this is me as an individual.

As an anarchist, I think that some movies offer potential for discussion, and are a powerful vehicle for expressing ideas, including the beautiful idea, as some other folks like to call it. More often, as an anarchist, I find that movies offer a distraction or an outlet, an hint of rebellion, but one where the struggle ends with the Bad eventually vanquished by Good. And we anarchists know that shit ain't like that irl, right?

That said, I appreciate my diversions and distractions as much as the next individual.
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Cinema, like all works of fiction, is a snapshot of the current times' various ideologies and moralities of how people life their daily lives. These images are projected into our brains and we replay them (or at least try to) in our real lives.

One small example: Marriage is considered 'romantic' because of cinema.
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