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Will such venues only become unsafe spaces?
What is a "safe space" versus an "unsafe space" in this context, exactly?

I know it's unlikely that an anonymous person will respond, but this terminology kinda confuses me.
OQ: i suggest checking out the answer by anok on this thread.

it is a delineation of perspectives and a checking of assumptions that i think is quite helpful.
Gentrification implies you are going to make the community "nicer" by putting up some sort of she-she type of coffee shop that the locals can't afford to go to, therefore running them out of the community.

However, if the venue is both ok with the locals and serves as a spot they can attend and enjoy, then no that's not gentrification. Just don't exploit anyone of fuck anyone in the ass like a capitalist. I would recommend seeing if there are other buildings you can rent that are already part of the community...

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If you are from a higher social caste and making a long term investment in a poor area, it is possible to contribute to gentrification. A music venue would be a long term investment and that would contribute to gentrification.

As far as unsafe or safe it depends on the relationship the poor residents have with those gentrifying their neighborhood. If by "unsafe space" you are talking about potential for violence or harassment against those that attend the music venue, that is a real possibility to consider before establishing the venue. It would be best to study a neighborhood before making a long term investment.

There is no such thing as a "safe space" as leftist tend to desire. Such things tend to be more about politicizing a location with a particular brand of social norms that aren't typically embraced by most people in the surrounding community or society.
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