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hard to answer this question when it's so open. what do you mean by politically incorrect? there are certainly people who call themselves anarchists who don't abide by anarchist principles.
fleshing out your question would help.
Considering the Stalinist history of the term, I'd have to say that ALL anarchists are ispo facto politically incorrect.
This looks like the precursor to the iron cross question, ie 'Do any other anarchists come off as offensive?'
makes sense.
Why should politics matter to an anarchist, politics are one of of the largest parts of "the system" to be a "politically incorrect anarchist" would make you not an anarchist for the fact you are labeling yourself as part of "the system" granted a wrong, incorrect part of it. But still part of it

edited to make a comment.
The term "politically correct" usually means not offensive to anybody (ie: not sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.) and is not directly related to political institutions.  You can be in favour of one and against the other without contradiction.

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