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As public schools are state-sponsored, I would imagine the answer would be no.  But on the other hand, it is doing a service to the people by providing education.  Could an Anarchist be a teacher in a public school?
I don't understand why you are targeting public school teachers. Just about any job for a wage you can get in a capitalist system will at some point end up supporting the state (inherently, through taxes, and less inherently, through the maintenance of hierarchies, specialization and the division of labor, and wage labor in general).
I'd strongly debate some of the assumptions present in "doing a service to the people by providing education".

Notably, "service", "the people", and "providing education".

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Basically, yes.

But an anarchist could as well strive for designing and building an alternative way for providing education. Possibly something to do with encouraging autodidactism, but still providing the essentials. This would be very difficult to implement in practice though, because it likely wouldn't be classified as very "official". It could be even criminal (because it could be classified as "manipulative"), if we talk about children.
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