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I hope I can be forgiven for posting such a broad scope of question(s) about a video that circulated the internet (three months ago) but I'm really curious what anarchist think about this. There's a lot to break down hear, and perhaps some points made by the panelists are relevant. But the tone of dismissal aimed at "white anarchists" and a nearly complete lack of any indication that the panelist have any real affinity for anarchist ideas as such is quit remarkable. Is this mostly just essentialist jargon, or if not, what points are relevant? What are your thoughts?  


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there is quite a mix of criticism in this video. but it seems to boil down to two main points, one of which i have sympathy for (although it has nothing to do with anarchy or with gentrification), and the other i don't.
the valid point is that people move places and have no sense of what has gone before, act/think like they are the shit the place has been waiting for, don't take time or care to engage with the specifics of a location. (before i sound *too* old and grumpy, that attitude is not *all* bad. just almost all.)

but decolonization/gentrification are big economic social issues, being trivialized here (and in most places, afaict) in a half-assed attempt to update anti-racism rhetoric. it's all the same thinking as it has been for 30 years or more, just dressed up in pseudo-marxist/maoist language. white anarchist hipsters have little to do with or say about gentrification. if people wanted to do something about oakland getting whitified, then the time was more likely when jerry brown was getting elected on the exact ticket that he was going to "make oakland a better place to live" (read: gentrify it).

the white ally person who is there to demonstrate what good white people act like, is right in line with what uhuru house (for one example) has been telling white people to do for decades.
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Hey dot, could you speak more about this line:

'it's all the same thinking as it has been for 30 years or more, just dressed up in pseudo-marxist/maoist language.'

What is the pseudo-marxist/maoist language?
talking about economics (as with gentrfication) and colonies (as with decolonization), when the issue being addressed (not well) is actually race/culture, reflects marxist and maoist influences respectively.

edit: oh jeez. which is not to say that economics etc is not relevant to culture/race, but that the analysis of race/culture doesn't seem to have been impacted or updated at all, just the terminology that people are using (jargon switch, not a content one).