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How can anarchy work when there's always that guy who tries to take power and fuck everything up?

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even the power hungry guy isn't bullet proof.
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i think that the issue is very rarely/never individuals (despite hollywood), but the people who allow individuals to go nuts.
to me this is one of the basics of anarchist thought.
people who stand out can do so because of the people who allow them to; culture determines (to some extent, anyway) who and how people will be/choose to be significant.

i'm sure there's a more elegant way to put that.

edit: also, yea, direct action.
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I feel like the issue is less that certain individuals might desire power or act upon that desire, but rather that there are structures that they can easily use to gain that power.

A hundred people with guns probably isn't as much of a threat as a single person at the head of a state or a police/military organization or a corporation or whatever.

Also yeah it's a matter of how does somebody get powerful enough to be a threat in the first place? Who (or what) allows that to happen, and why? How would things play out differently if everyone actively refused to allow that to happen?
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