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If “everything must be destroyed,” then how does one reconcile living life day-to-day?

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It seems like there is a popular sentiment amongst anarchists that the social order is propped up by the material conditions of the world (and vice versa). It’s not just the economic social relations, which seemed to be the focus of the classical anarchist movement a century ago. Now we recognize that everything, from television to novels to alcohol to even friendship, is in some way perpetuating this system. It seems like the only thing left that isn’t tainted is destruction itself. But nobody is going to be destroying things aimed at the social order every day, or every week, or maybe even ever at all.

I don't mean this as a moralist crisis, rather as an inner-personal one.

Every activity I participate in, whether it’s writing, reading, watching shows, scrolling through tumblr, playing board games, dating, even working on anarchist projects; I ultimately have this thought in the back of my mind: “this is a distraction, this is the social order keeping me miserable.” It’s exhausting and depressing.

I’m not asking for solutions, I know that if it was that easy then there wouldn’t be a problem. But I’m curious as to how other people approach this dilemma.
asked Oct 14, 2013 by flip (3,980 points)
Huh, never heard this before.

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honestly, even destruction is not pure. even more extreme destruction -- arson, car crashes, etc -- has a role to play in the economy.
the destruction rebels can cause is unlikely to make this system even hiccup.

depression is one option. patience is another. focusing on more limited goals is another.
and hedonism is still another.
and there's always nihilism.

none of them mutually exclusive.
answered Oct 14, 2013 by dot (52,130 points)