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As used in meetings or generally to express agreement, excitement, mutual feelings and so forth.
To me the more pressing question is: what can we do, as anarchists, to eradicate them?

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It's older than the film; it's been around in hippie circles for decades. It was used in the anti-nuke movement as early as the mid-80s. "Punk rock origins"? Not even close.
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Myths are always more appealing than truth? Boo.
The explanation I was given back in 1983 was that when a meeting gets to be a certain size, it takes too much time and is distracting for people to clap or call out "yes" or "I agree" etc. The Bay Area anti-nuke hippies I was hanging around had already adopted twinkles and other hand gestures at their meetings, which means that a process of experimentation and refinement had been taking place for at least a few years prior. When I was on the East Coast among anti-nuke folks in 1979 and 1980, there were some hand gestures for standardized non-verbal messages but it was different -- except for the twinkles.

Would *accuracy* be a more interesting term than truth? Would that fit in better with your pomo bullshit?
lawrence, really?
myths pretty much are always more appealing than truth. and questioning/challenging Truth is something i believe you frequently support.