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If you could be a little more specific, that might help.

"Hysteria" is an ugly word to describe frazzled delusion/paranoia; it comes from the Greek "hystera" meaning uterus. The gender bias -- if not outright misogyny (hey, that's Greek too!) -- embedded in the term should banish it forever from the vocabulary of conscious radicals.

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I don't think this amounts to an answer, but I recall us being generally impressed and horrified at once, and agreeing that there was no way our team pulled off something that spectacular.

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By non-response. A terrorist is one whom does not respect the quality of life. All life. Not just the housed, but the homeless as well. Not just the rich, but the poor as well. Not just the well-fed, but the hungry as well. The africans and the europeans. The animals and the fauna. The drugged and the sober. Everyone coming together is love. War is supported by religions, racism, and banks, and its been this way since the first war between mates...one erroneously thinking he better than the lot. No one is better, only equal. Thank you. Bye.
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