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I don't believe in nihilism.

(See what I did there?)

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Nihilist Communism - This is a tendency within the larger "anti-state communist" tradition. It posits a model of an essential proletariat defined by its economic position that supplants typical leftist categories of The Revolutionary Subject (the working class, oppressed peoples, a central committee, etc). Its nihilism is in reference to a negation of pre-existing approaches towards social change. It is also critical of the accompanying attitude of optimism and hope in the hypothetical movement that results from leftist models of social change.

Nihilist Anarchy - As a tendency within anarchist circles nihilism refers to an explicit denial of revolutionary social change as presented by proponent of such change. In addition it draws inspiration from the Russian nihilist movement of the mid 19th century through the Illegalist movement of the early twentieth century. It argues for action driven by hopelessness and embracing of the void rather than specious connections to intentions, loyalties, or aims. Nihilist anarchists find their comrades in hoodlums, well read book clerks, and insurrectionaries-without-portfolios.

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hey monsieur dupont, i'm real happy for ya, and i'ma let you finish, but jean baudrillard was the original nihilist communist.

in other words, Nihilist Communism is bullshit essentialist, and baudrillard's approach of seeing the development of simulation as a result of the transcendence of traditional modernist modes of production and political economy is far preferable.
wat?? you're making me meh with your waaahh(!).  :/
What would be the problem of having insurrectionary experience? I understand that nihilists would disregard individuals that attempted to use that experience as a way justify some sort of positive program.  However to disregard "connections to intentions, loyalties, or aims" implies a connection with all  "action driven by hopelessness and embracing of the void " thus nihilists may find affinity with columbine or the recent arizona type attacks? To me it seems that "action driven by hopelessness and embracing of the void" is a clear intention and loyalty. Nihilists of today (albeit mostly communist) are uncomfortable with activities that move beyond publishing or informational purposes precisely because of this paradox, actually disregarding the Russian nihilist history of action which had very specific "intentions, loyalties, or aims."
blackdragon - aragorn says "WITHOUT" portfolio, talking about people who claim to be (or are?) insurrectionaries, but who have no experience to draw from.