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It seems like these happen everywhere all the time, why are they so common? What do people think about them as "anarchist" events?

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There are anarchists who attend.
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i have mixed feelings about bookfairs. on the one hand, they're capitalist frameworks for anticapitalist ideas.
on the other, they are socially-neutral areas (because capitalist interactions are comfortable for people raised in capitalist scenarios) for new comers and strangers and acquaintances to meet and spend time together.
and anarchist projects need to raise money, usually, to continue to exist and thrive, and bookfairs are a reasonable way to do that.
and bookfairs usually have other things going on around them, conferences, social gatherings, parties, etc, as a way to augment and escape the k-ist mix.

so all things considered, @bookfairs seem like a reasonable tactic for the world we're in.
not a strategy.
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