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Are there any anarchist analyses of the "postindustrial" era of capitalism?

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A crappy term, considering industrialism is still with us, but this is the term I see most frequently used to describe the situation in the US (and elsewhere?) where Capital has moved many factory/agricultural production to other states. Anarchism really can't appeal to a lot of people, it seems, unless it can address the current economic scene without regurgitating the same old socialist responses that may or may not have been sufficient in past eras. Also, it would be beneficial to have a counter-narrative to the common "our jobs got shipped to China" sentiment.
asked Sep 18, 2010 by enkidu (6,110 points)

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To be honest, it is quite difficult to describe the "postindustrial" capitalism era.  However, I will do my best.  Basically, it is a much less industrialized and a much more educated system.  There are far fewer manual laborers, and a vastly smaller lower-class.  The lower-class is still existent, and there are plenty of people in it, however there is not the two distinct class systems of the industrial revolution.  The lines of socio-economic class systems have been skewed because of the credit systems.  For instance, in suburban America, there are plenty of people who most would presume to be well off.  Now, if you look deeper what you will find is that there are plenty of people who technically, based on net value, are in the lower-class.  This is surprising to some, because they think of suburban America as a midde/upper-middle class society.  There are those people who live a lavish lifestyle, but who are in thousands of dollars of debt, without any way of repaying it.  Our jobs did not all get shipped to China, and in fact if we as Americans got off of our lazy asses and actually tried to put some blood and sweat in as opposed to the entitled brats we all are, we would have a much lower unemployment rate....  there you go, I hope it helped
answered Oct 26, 2010 by rooneyburger1015 (110 points)
"...and in fact if we as Americans got off of our lazy asses and actually tried to put some blood and sweat in as opposed to the entitled brats we all are, we would have a much lower unemployment rate...."

Why are you invoking nationalist loyalty on an anarchist site? Why are you expressing contempt for those whose means of life is fundamentally untenable on an anarchist site? You should be the one asking questions, kid. There are no americans or brats on this site. You are alone in your convictions and ignorance.

Your misanthropy needs to be resolved. Otherwise, someone might have to smack you in the fucking face. The dirty, stupid, lazy masses will have a moment of reprieve for it—I certainly would, if only briefly.
It isn't a matter of nationalist loyalty, because to be quite honest I am strongly against modern America.  But regardless of your beliefs, I simply want what is best for the people of the world..  If that means anarchy I am all for it, and I believe that is anarchy.  I was not saying that the people on this site are entitled brats, I was saying the American people in general...  I understand your misinterpretation, and I probably could have been more clear in my response.
"But regardless of your beliefs, I simply want what is best for the people of the world."

And yet you talk down to them and have contempt for them. You deride them for not fulfilling their duty to the Nation. You can't even manage to hide your own duplicity. You should have been a politician. I didn't misinterpret you at all. Better to be lazy than some self-righteous kid on the internet.

The decisions in concern to what is best for any particular individual are, first and foremost, accounted for by that individual. Having an idea of what would be better than and what needs to be done to leave behind this world still does not entitle you to wanting for anyone but your own self.

I am done with this.
its cool that your angry nadlib, but rooney seems to be sincere, do you have to be sweary at him?
Yeah that weird nationalist work ethic line made me cringe a little... or a lot.
I cant find a job because im lazy... not because unemployment is necessary for capitalism to function. Damn i had it all wrong. Now i see that being poor is my own fault and i just have to work harder to make capitalism work for me! We can ALL be bosses! YAY!
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answered Aug 1, 2011 by iconoclast (3,250 points)
iconoclast, i will make the same request of you that i did of madlib. just putting up links is not really answering the question. if you could summarize the points on the pages you have linked to, that would be better. or you could make the post you have a comment instead of an answer.
otherwise this entire site could be just a series of links to articles in the anarchist library...

The most well known names are Frederic Jameson and David Harvey.
Except that neither are anarchists.
True story. I missed the "anarchist" part. I guess in all honesty, economic analysis is something anarchists regularly fail at.