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It can be established in an 'emergent' economy like Brazil which suffers from severe social inequality, massive ineducation and organized crime?

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Anarchism does not require an advanced level of capitalism to be established. Or, perhaps, more accurately, anarchy doesn't, some anarchisms might.

Anarchic social relations have existed long before (and continue to in spite of) capitalism. It isn't about a level of economic development or sophistication, because, while anarchism does address economics, it is about much more. Anarchism is, at it's best (and, perhaps, most terrible) looking to destroy the social relations we have come to understand as normal. Social relations which exist with or without advanced levels of capitalism, and also (at least for some of us) a recognition that advanced modes of production without capitalism do not make a better world.
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I didn't elaborate on the part of this where I said, "some anarchisms might," and don't feel like doing so right now, but lmk if you would like me to.
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I would argue that Anarchy and even a condition resembling Anarchism, though perhaps not consciously seen as such, is in fact the natural state of all human beings. Both prior to the establishment of the nation state, and in countries where the nation state is either under developed or is none existent, forms of Anarchy exist. I believe that human beings, left to their own devices will in fact form anarchistic societies, whether those societies are as egalitarian and as beneficial to all members as we would hope for, is the part that we must be interested in.
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