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An Anarchist News article relating to the Asheville 11 case asserted that "we need better introductory projects", pointing to a certain gap between pseudo-liberal charity work and potentially felonious attacks.

To quote, "[Those introductory projects] taught us how to rely on each other, to never talk to the cops, and gave us a chance for our skills and values to mature before they were tested. In some ways, it’s nice to be arrested a few times for civil disobedience before you’re up on felonies. How can we share these experiences with newer people without disingenuously pointing them towards activities we think are crap? How do we grow our trust and knowledge of each other in a chiller environment than a property destruction march?"

Can anyone offer their perspective on what would constitute a good introductory project for anarchists?

Alternately, give some opinions on examples that are already prominently used as introductory spaces for anarchists, such as:
* Food Not Bombs
* prisoner letter-writing and literature distros
* prison noise demos
* counter-info groups
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projects that teach in a low key, low risk way (for example, a game), the skills that we want to have, whatever we identify those as being.
the identification of skills we want is a big part of that question, of course.
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