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In as much detail as can be allowed.

I'm trying to understand what sort of actions an insurrectionist might take, as in, "in response to [x], an insurrectionist might [y]" or "an insurrectionist might [y] in order to create [x]".

Use hypothetical situations if necessary. In fact, I'd love to hear a hypothetical insurrectionist strategy that really lays out the logical framework behind the actions and how the strategy informs the tactics.

External resources are great, too.

(I'm asking this because I'm attempting to understand how insurrectionist theory translates into practice. Can absolutely understand the idea of actions as an enactment of personal desires, but was wondering whether there have been an abundance of thoughts on how to enact those desires in the most rewarding way possible.)
I down-voted this but may have changed my mind. (The site doesn't allow me to actually change my vote.)

The problem I have with the question is that it seems to assume the existence of a set of methods to apply generally, or the existence of a causal relationship between our actions and their desired outcomes. But maybe that's actually a problem I have with I@ and not with the question itself, since I@ theory can often tend to emphasize or those things. So maybe another discussion for another space.

So, this isn't an answer, but the thing that comes to mind is just to recommend Burning the Bridges They Are Building (http://pugetsoundanarchists.org/content/burning-bridges-they-are-building-anarchist-strategies-against-police-puget-sound-winter), because it discusses in practice many of the principles of I@ (informal organization, refusal of negotiation with power, attack).
just fyi - the site should totally allow you to change your vote. so not sure what is up with that...?

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