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hello dear friends i would like to know how ppl should be moveable from place to place ( and i meen by big distance) in the anarchist age. isn't the cars and planes are capitalist consequences by the market demand? thank you alot eventhough my english is bad i hope you understand. adios!

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Another aspect of this type of question about how things would be different/the same After The Revolution is SPEED. How quickly do we want to move people and items from place to place? With a radical decentralization (and in all likelihood an accompanying move away from industrial infrastructure due to a lack of compulsion in labor), there would most likely be a rethinking of velocity as a requirement of life. The ideology of speed is part of the increased intrusion of high technology into mid-20th century capitalism; the much-touted "labor-saving" that we've all been accustomed to hearing about all these years, from washing machines to automatic dishwashers to personal computers. I actually still write letters by hand and entrust their delivery to the post office, just like the old days. The slow food movement is an interesting and explicit refusal of speed. It seems to me that the question about travel might be better formulated along those lines.
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Bicycles, obviously.
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