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Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, JFK, 9-11, Illuminati/Freemasons, etc.?
I was behind all of those, I was meaning to write a communique, but I had yet to make the writing opaque enough.

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A rabid distrust of consolidated power, a wide eye for cause and effect, and the knowledge that the media is owned by six corporations.
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I like your answer, only so long as it implies that that is where the similarities stop.
what do you mean by "the media"?
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People in government lie. Sometimes those lies are exposed brilliantly, sometimes they are exposed stupidly. Scandals come and go; most are forgotten within weeks. The official story of any event is always going to contain a high proportion of bullshit. What of it? The power of government is not diminished just because one of two scandals are exposed by more or less reputable investigators.

Learning of secret or behind-the-scenes history is an amusing hobby, but has precious little to do with undermining people's loyalty to government. Most conspiratologists are merely amateur detectives who believe that they can make a house of cards fall down if only they could expose that one real cornerstone of the vast conspiracy that's keeping us all in thrall...
If only it were that simple.
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