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Or is a stance on abortion more of a personal/individual moral conclusion?

To add if you like: do anarchists agree with what's presently legally allowed in abortion practice (in the US)? As in limited time a woman can have an abortion, etc?

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Since culture defines personhood, I'd imagine anarchists would have diverse, co-existing conceptions of what constitutes socially-appropriate family planning practices, though I have never seen any anarchist argue against female bodily autonomy. I can imagine groups believing everything from "life begins at conception" to "infanticide is an appropriate decision for mothers to make if they feel it necessary". Anarchy would however mean not imposing one's beliefs on the females who make those decisions about their own bodies, and supporting the ability of females to make those decisions regardless of whether or not one finds them kosher.
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What ALC said. In addressing the part where you ask if anarchists agree with what is presently legally allowed in the US, if they do it is based not upon it being legally decreed.