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Can one be an anarchist and dress upper-class, but without buying expensive clothing? It's possible to find upper-class and formal clothing at low prices, especially if it's used/second-hand. I like this kind of clothing and I fully support the working class and I'm anticapitalist, but other anarchists don't accept me or attack me verbally because I look like a bohemian bourgeoisie. I thought in anarchy I can wear whatever I want. No?
"I like this kind of clothing... but other anarchists don't accept me or attack me verbally because I look like a bohemian bourgeoisie."

Then don't associate with those shitheads. I also like to look good and fresh (but not really "presentable" or formal, either). I can't say I look very bohemian, but I also don't look or dress like some dull Party militant who's ready and able to do dirty work in the name of teh Strugglez. If an anarchist gave me trouble because of the way I looked, I'd treat them like any other asshole.

http://boulevardier4eva.wordpress.com/ — I don't find it very interesting but maybe you will.

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Just say something like, "Yo, I just dig wearing camouflage for the class/social war. I show up to G-# Summits dressed as the elite and then throw lattes and briefcases at cops til the cops start clubbing anyone in Armani or wearing Rolex within reach. Me and my crew use a Young Republicans Bloc to infiltrate and make total destroy."
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thats hilarious next time i see a democrat or republican rally im going to go in there and start shit with the cops xD
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there is no dress code for anarchists. what people think of you based on how you dress has nothing to do with whether you (or they) are anarchist or not.

questions of style and how people fit into groups (or don't) is more a social question than one that is political (for lack of a better word). social questions are meaningful, of course, and involve all kinds of facets, like language, clothing, hair style, etc. if you don't fit in to whatever anarchist group you have found, then you can see if people actually care (or if your uneasiness is your projection), take time to build relationships, do stuff online, and/or try to meet anarchists who might not be as easily identifiable (not all anarchists dress in black, as you yourself may be proof of).
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anarchist must accept all people for the way they express themselves. if one is saying one isnt able to wear something and be an anarchist they themselves are taking away personal liberties of others and trying to take domination over you and becoming your authority they are not a true anarchist. looking like the opposition is perfect camouflage if starting a coup. i read on http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/dward/classes/anarchy/finalprojects/flores/anarchy.html that Anarchy does not promote a system that is lawless, but a system in which individuals govern themselves. Decisions in anarchy would not be made by the ones in power, but by all individuals involved. The original idea behind government is that people can live together without over stepping the boundaries of their individual rights and trampling on another's rights. Anarchy does not allow people to live without order, to kill without consequence. A person who kills another or in anyway infriges on another's freedom is not a true anarchist. this is just a relation to what i said
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